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buy Clomiphene online uk paypal Anti-Tamper Features: extreme cut-resistant, dual steel bands; embedded fiber optics; security screws for installation/removal.

Check This Out Sizing: measurement tool provided; multiple, pre-cut sizes available.

GPS Device: utilized with ReliAlert™ monitored by GPS Monitoring Service and Track Group Monitoring Center.

The SecureCuff™ includes a fiber-optic technology strap for tampering notification and specialized security screws to secure the strap to the device.

The SecureCuff™ solution helps address the critical “strap cut” issue so prevalent in high risk populations. It serves to significantly reduce the number of supervising agent hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded and is not offered by any other offender monitoring company.



GPS Monitoring Service’s ReliAlert sets the standard for reliability and performance in the offender monitoring industry. 

Advanced features enable Bail Agents to effectively track offender movements and communication technology, all in real-time.

Product Features:

Standard Secure StrapEmbedded fiber-optics and braided steel cables encased in outer edge
External SpeakerEnables voice communication, 95-decibel siren and audio alerts
Cosmetic CapConceals screw housing from view and provides additional tamper security
Call ButtonPowers device on or places outbound call to the Monitoring Center
MicrophoneAllows voice communication with the Monitoring Center or Officer
Power ConnectionPlug in provided AC power adapter to charge the device
LED Indicator LightIndicates the status of the device


We monitor and supervise defendants to make sure they comply with the bail terms and conditions.

we pay bail agents

Bail Agents are paid to enroll defendants - Including their own!


Bail Agents can write larger - higher risk - bonds, the Phone App puts them in instant communication with Defendants.

Affordable GPS Monitoring

GPS Monitoring is affordable for every budget. Low weekly payments means defendants can afford their freedom!

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Per week

  • 24/7 Live Monitoring
  • Bail Agent Access
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Frequently asked questions

GPS monitoring requires a participant to wear an ankle bracelet and allows supervising agents to track the persons location. Similar to RF technology, when the participant comes within the range of his or her home, it notifies the monitoring center. Supervising Agents set inclusion and exclusion zones for a participant, which can be permanent or set to a schedule. For example, a participant allowed to work can have an inclusion zone that requires him or her to be at the workplace during working hours. Exclusion zones can be set to limit a persons contact with a particular address and the bracelet sends an alert if the person comes within range of that address. Among other things, the GPS technology also identifies a persons speed of travel and when a person stops at a location for a length of time.

GPS monitoring is based upon a daily rate based upon the services the Supervising Agent selects. For the basic passive monitoring, the participant is responsible for a monitoring rate of $10.00 per day ($70.00/week). For live monitoring, the offender is responsible for $14.00/day ($98.00/week). Participants are billed on a weekly basis. 


All Bail Agents are designated Supervising Officers and can view their participants using our simple app – “Tracker Pal.” With Tracker Pal, Bail Agents can receive notifications when a participant fails to appear to court, leaves designated areas, tampers with the device, and virtually any other activity which the Bail Agent desires. Better yet, the Bail Agent can send Vibration Notifications, Audible Alerts, and Siren Alarms to the device. Gone are the days of participants not returning phone calls!

Bail Agents choose GPS Monitoring Service for several reasons. Among the most common are: 

Transparency: Bail Agents have 24/7 access to all GPS Monitoring Service information. Bail Agents can see participant location history, send alerts, and access notations made by the GPS Monitoring Center. 

Reliability: Bail Agents that are familiar with GPS Monitoring may have experienced times where their participants have removed the GPS device, and their provider failed to take action. With GPS Monitoring Service, Bail Agents receive immediate – automated- notifications, GPS Monitoring Service will dispatch Cal Metro Warrant Services to conduct an inspection of the offender and device. If there is a true tamper alert, Bail Agents can have the participant returned to custody by the Cal Metro Warrant Service Agents. 

Simplicity: GPS Monitoring Service will do installations at jail facilities, participant homes, bail offices…even Starbucks! Don’t know when a participant will be released from jail? No Problem – WE WILL WAIT! Not only will we enroll the participant, we obtain their demographic’s (e.g. proof of residence, proof of employment, proof of identity, ect.) GPS Monitoring Service will even take a photograph of the participant! 



GPS Monitoring Service is aggressively growing into the Southern California Market. Employment Positions are available as follows:

BAIL AGENT INSTALLERS: We pay bail agents $100.00 per installation they do. This includes their own offenders!

SUPERVISION AGENTS: We are presently seeking applicants for Supervision Agents. Supervision Agents are field personnel who respond to alarms and conduct unannounced compliance checks on participants. 

OUTSIDE SALES: We are presently seeking applicants for Outside Sales. This is an ideal position for people who desire to work in the field or from their own home. 

CUSTOMER RELATIONS: We are presently seeking applicants for Customer Relations. This position involves maintaining relationships with Bail Agencies, Public Safety Agencies, and our Criminal Justice Partners. Customer Relation Managers keep clients up to date with new products and services. 

GPS Monitoring Service is a Great Company!

Our clients say:

"GPS Monitoring Service has an app that is extremely easy to use and allows bail agents to see what their bailee's are doing at any time. It makes determining court hearing compliance easy to determine.
Hilary L.
Bail Agent
"With the fight against SB-10, I want to know where my defendant's are. I don't want to be accused of not being accountable for my defendants. With the TrackerPal app by GPS Monitoring Service; I know when defendant's are at court, if they have moved, or are absconding - before they forfeit bail."
Hall R.
Bail Agent
""I have been wearing a device for 4 months and was able to prove I was not where I was accused of being. I simply told the police to call my bail agent, and they confirmed I where I was all night. This saved me from having to be arrested and pay for bail!
Quintin A.
"I wanted to make a change in my choices, but needed the help to make the right choices. My attorney told me about GPS Monitoring Service. The Court ordered me to wear the GPS Ankle Monitor and to remain at a residential treatment facility. GPS Monitoring Service verified I complied, so the Court gave me sentence credits. I was able to avoid jail, receiving rehab instead of jail time!"
Michael k.

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