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Gps Monitoring Service

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Payment Plans

$150.00 Enrollment

The cost to enroll in the GPS Monitoring Service covers installation of the device and registration in the program.

We will meet the defendant at the detention center, our office, your office, their house, or anywhere within San Diego, Riverside, and Orange County.

Additional charges apply for Los Angeles and San Bernardino county.

$100.00/week Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring is 24/7 live monitoring by the Track Group Monitoring Center. This includes alarm response, defendant surrender, and fugitive recovery.

$78.00/week Passive Monitoring

Passive Monitoring does not involve the monitoring center. The bail agent receives a text alert and in-app notification when an alarm is triggered. Daily compliance reports are emailed to the Bail Agent to inform them of non-compliance.

Why Choose Active Monitoring?

  • Active Monitoring is a Set and Forget program. 

  • 24/7 Alarm Response

  • Fugitive Recover and Bail Surrender Included

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