Open. Download. Monitor

Our easy to use app allows Bail Agents to monitor their defendants anytime, anywhere. 

Why Monitor

Access It On The Road

Has a defendant every lied to you? You can now buzz their monitor, send an alert, or if they really avoid you - sound a siren!

Verify Everything

Has a defendant moved without notifying you? Have they dodged your calls? Have they told you they were late to court, but you suspect that's not true? You can verify everything in seconds.

Set up elaborate design notifications

You can receive notifications on your phone when a defendant removes the device, misses court, or is not where they say they are.

Write More Bonds!

Convince your surety company to write larger higher risk bonds. Underwriters know our service reduces forfeitures.

"I write every bond that calls my office and place everyone on GPS. So far - profits sky rocketed - nobody has missed court!"
Felix D.
Bail Agent